Patterson Research Group

The PRG focuses on plasma processing.  Our capabilities include etching, deposition, ion energy control and plasma source design.  Deposition technologies include plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), magnetron sputtering and inert gas condensation (IGC).   Deposited materials so far include polymers and metals.  A specific focus has been spintronic nanoclusters, their synthesis, layering and characterization.


Recent Posts


Ion Energy Analyzer Data Aquisition – I Use This to Control Instruments that Measure Ion Energy Distributions

Langmuir Probe Data Aquisition and Analysis – I Use This to Measure Plasma Parameters like Electron Temperature and Density

Fourier Transform Data Smoothing – A Program I Use to Smooth Raw Data

RF Filter Analysis – I Use this to Predict the Efficacy of Some Electronics I Build and Use to Gather Data

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